Our company is a special service company that offers all yor mechanical needs. We offer turn key projects, complete new installations, repair of piping, boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers

We are the holder of the R-Stamp and pressure pipe Certificates of Authorization of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for shop and field repairs and alterations to retaining items.

24 Hour Emergency Service.
We offer the following
  • Assist Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Shut-Downs
  • New Buildings and add-ons
  • New equipment installation
  • Code Welding (National Board R Stamp)
  • Boiler Repairs (Re-Tubing, Window, Dutchmen, Rolling Bead, Seal Welding)
  • Pressure Vessels Repairs
  • Heat Exchangers (Re-tubing & Tube Bundles, Shell repair, Build new ones)
  • Piping (Jacket, Process, Steam, Condensate)
  • Chilled Water Piping (Stainless, Carbon, Aluminum & PVC)
  • Welding (Stainless, Carbon, Aluminum, and Exotic Metals)
  • Boilers (Installation and repairs of Boilers & Boler room equipment)
  • Install Cooling Towers (Maintenance of motors, belts, fans, blades and etc.)
  • Tanks
  • Autoclave
  • Miscellaneous Steel Fabrications
  • Install Pumps, Valves and Traps
  • DA Tanks
  • Refractory Installation and repair
  • Economizer repair and Economizer Retubing
  • Kilns
                                       Everything you need for plant maintenance